Within the Flowers is a floral wedding & event design company based in Pemberton, BC. Specializing in abundant, romantic florals and detailed designs.
We believe in living within the flowers. 

My love for flowers and floral design started with a small patio garden. There were so many pots on my back porch you could barely see over the rail. My garden has since grown larger and more bountiful each year. Learning new techniques and finding even more beautiful varieties. Gardening is one of my favourite pastimes and my main inspiration for my event designs. 

In my designs, you will usually find foraged foliage, berries and blooms incorporating the local landscape. I believe in letting flowers show as they would in nature. With my cutting garden, I am always searching or adding new flower types and colours that will work well in my clients' wedding designs. Often working directly with my clients to grow the flowers they would specifically like to see. 

In 2020, I took the opportunity to participate in Floret's Cut Flower Farm Workshop expanding my knowledge on sustainable ways to grow my cut flower garden and produce the best looking blooms for my clients. In addition, I am constantly taking online floral design courses and when available in-person ones allowing myself to learn new techniques and styles that I can offer. 

When I am not enjoying my days in the garden, you will often find me out for walks in the snow or swimming at the lake with my two golden retrievers and husband.


Image: Teryn Lee

The Within the Flowers cutting garden is at the centre of our designs. In 2020, we moved to a larger plot on my in-laws farm where we were able to expand the garden to grow many of the flowers used in our designs. The cutting garden provides a connection to each seaon, allowing the use of seasonal blooms often unavailable from conventional marketplaces. 

Each year, the garden grows in size. Some of the flowers currently include over 200 Dahlias, Sweet Peas, Scabiosa, Phlox, Cosmos, Delphiniums, Queen Anne's Lace, Snapdragons, Scented Stock.

Follow along through our blog to learn more about our growing practices and what's currently in season.

The Cutting Garden